I am an Assistant Professor at the Computational Linguistics group, Center for Language and Cognition, Faculty of Arts, University of Groningen (The Netherlands).
My research is in the area of Machine Translation. My main topics include resource acquisition, domain adaptation, diagnostic evaluation and hybrid approaches. My current (and recent) work includes:

  • Running a pilot study to assess the feasibility of using Machine Translation to assist with the professional translation of novels by means of post-editing.
    This study is funded by the EAMT and builds upon our evidence that literary-adapted MT results in promising results for closely-related languages (I, II)
  • Co-ordinating the EU-FP7 Abu-MaTran project, which deals with rapid development of Machine Translation systems for under-resourced languages. As part of the project I am co-organising a National Linguistics Olympiad.
  • Adapting Active Learning to the task of Post-Editing of Machine Translation, which leads to more efficient and less tedious post-editing, as part of a Technology Innovation Development Award from Science Foundation Ireland (SFI-TIDA).
  • Devising a diagnostic evaluation metric for Machine Translation, that lead to the release of DELiC4MT, as part of the CoSyne project.
  • Implementing a web services-based platform for Machine Translation tasks, as part of the PANACEA project.


  • 2014/04 – 2016/09. Research Fellow in Machine Translation at the ADAPT Centre, School of Computing, Dublin City University (Ireland).
  • 2010/01 – 2014/03. Postdoctoral researcher in Machine Translation at CNGL, School of Computing, Dublin City University (Ireland).
  • 2007/02 – 2009/12. PhD. Student in Computational Linguistics at Istituto di Linguistica Computazionale – CNR, Pisa (Italy).
  • 2004/09 – 2007/01. PhD. Student in Computational Linguistics at Universitat d’Alacant (Spain).